Real-Estate FinTech Marketplace

Case-Study B2B Lead Generation for AI Sales Development Services.


Our client, a company specializing in commercial real estate development and financing, struggled with their in-house marketing efforts and sought new markets. Their lead generation campaign aimed at decision-makers interested in their services. An initial technical check revealed a low deliverability rate of 42.9%, indicating a need for clean, updated lists and engaging, relevant emails.

Project Information

  • Total Meetings: 82
  • Personalized Campaign Sequences: 21000+ prospects
  • Total Interested Replies Generated: 289
  • Category: Services, FinTech, Real Estate, Marketplace
  • Industries: Real Estate
  • Duration: 11 Months
Real-Estate FinTech Marketplace

Driving Million-Dollar Success in Commercial Real Estate with optimized Lead Generation


We first tackled the deliverability rate, our technical engineers significantly improved it to 98-99% in under two months. This ensured that virtually all our emails reached their intended recipients, thereby increasing our chances of success.

Next, we focused on targeting industry-specific and seniority-specific professionals. We also implemented a “Drip campaign” approach, which involves sending targeted emails over a period of time to nurture leads and build relationships that lead to sales. This technique contributed to 30% of our success, targeting leads who initially did not respond.


Personalized messages addressing prospects’ pain points proved to be crucial for our campaign’s success. A one-size-fits-all approach did not yield results. Instead, an in-depth understanding of the prospects’ mindset and needs enabled us to craft messages that evoked interest and drove sales.


  • Our campaign started slowly, generating only six leads in the first month. However, once the deliverability issue was resolved, we saw a significant increase in interest. We currently generate around 12 leads from email campaigns and 8 from LinkedIn each month, totaling 289 interested leads (157 email + 132 Linkedin) and 82 booked calls over 11 months.
  • Our most significant accomplishment was facilitating a deal for our client that yielded $1 million in revenue. In the quest to discover new markets, we reached nearly 14,000 contacts via email and 7,700 via LinkedIn during our collaboration.
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