Logistics/SAAS to handle product returns

Generating 216 Interested Leads for a Logistics SaaS Company.


Before our engagement, the client made outreach attempts that negatively impacted their domain reputation, leading to a high spam rate of 40.9%. This significantly hampered outreach effectiveness as roughly half of the sent emails would not get through. Additionally, the client aimed to promote their service to senior positions in Transportation departments across North America - a notoriously hard-to-reach demographic.

Project Information

  • Total Meetings: 108
  • Total Interested Replies Generated: 216
  • Category: SAAS, Logistics
  • Industries: Logistics, Freight Management, Customer Support Services, SaaS
Logistics/SAAS to handle product returns

Generating 216 Interested Leads for a Logistics SaaS Company


Our first step was to address the spam issue, as a high spam rate undermines outreach efforts. We prioritized fixing the deliverability by working on the client’s leads database. We emphasized the importance of a clean email database, ensuring only real and active email addresses were included. To boost open and reply rates, we avoided weak messages and outdated prospect lists, instead focusing on building email lists using the ideal target customers of our clients. Each email address was validated for correctness before use. We then engaged our team to ensure a deliverability rate of at least 70%.


We found that creating non-salesy, personalized campaigns that stand out was a key strategy for engaging senior-level executives in the Transportation sector. Learning about our prospects’ pain points allowed us to tailor our approach to meet their needs. We also learned that some variables need to be adjusted during a campaign for optimal results.


  • Following the implementation of our strategy, we achieved an impressive 81.9% deliverability rate by the end of the fourth week, and remarkably, a 0% spam rate in six weeks! The campaign resulted in 216 interested leads, 183 “maybe laters”, 108 booked demos, a 13% response rate, and a 41.7% open rate.
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