Healthcare Marketplace

A Strategic Approach to Acquiring 185 Leads for a Medical Device Marketplace.


Creating campaigns in five different languages to cater to the target audience.

Reaching the right medical facilities in the EU and ensuring valid email addresses.

Customizing messages to resonate with different seniority levels.

Project Information

  • Personalized Campaign Sequences: 30-40 messages per day
  • Total Interested Replies Generated: 185
  • Category: Marketing
  • Industries: Medical Devices
  • Duration: 8 Month
Healthcare Marketplace

A Strategic Approach to Acquiring 185 Leads for a Medical Device Marketplace


Leveraging the client’s expertise and industry knowledge as a starting point.

Conducting extensive research to identify the appropriate medical facilities.

Crafting a 4-step messaging strategy in five languages:

  1. Complimentary message acknowledging the target company’s work.
  2. First message addressing the prospect’s pain points and showcasing the client’s solution.
  3. Second message highlighting how the client’s product can help prospects grow their business.
  4. Friendly message requesting a demo appointment.


The targeted lead generation campaign successfully engaged key decision-makers in the healthcare industry, resulting in a high response rate.

The use of multilingual messaging in five languages allowed for personalized communication and resonated with the diverse EU audience. The campaign generated significant interest, with 185 “Interested” and 156 “Maybe later” replies, indicating a positive reception among healthcare professionals.

The high delivery and open rates further demonstrated the effectiveness of the messaging strategy. The overwhelming response from hospital executives prompted the client to request pauses in the outreach, highlighting the campaign’s success in capturing the attention of key decision-makers in the healthcare industry.


  • Reached out to 2,985 professionals over the course of 8 months.
  • Received 185 “Interested” and 156 “Maybe later” replies.
  • Delivery rate: 97.7%
  • Open rate: 63.5%
  • Response rate: 18%
  • Client experienced significant interest, requesting pauses in the campaign due to overwhelming response from hospital executives.
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