Audit Security Tool

Case-Study B2B Lead Generation for Audit Security Tool.


Client was based in Sweden and had a trouble breaking into the US market as they had a dry leads and minimal marketing efforts invested in their outreach.

Their initial targets proed there was a large knowladge gap between decision makrers and techs.

Project Information

  • Total Meetings: 142
  • Email Meetings: 121
  • Linkedin Meetings: 32
  • Category: SAAS
  • Industries: Manufacturing, F&B, Packaging, Energy/Utilities, Construction
  • Duration: 12 Months
Audit Security Tool

Hello 142 meetings in one year!


Jargo that was not resonating in the US market was identified and garnered more interest by meeting targets where they were at Simoified high-tech jargon, facilitated more conversations as we honed in on primary targets.


Targets needed a much more direct approach – which we catered to after testing proved same approach used in Sweeded was not resonating.

Event traction was a huge success here – client attended 2 trade-shows while working togather and we were able to drive attendance which was VERY successful for gaining clientee in the US market.


  • It took 12 month to generate 142 meetings from which we got 121 email meetings and the remaining 32 was generated via Linkedin.
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